Fregoli members


Maria Tivnan

Maria Tivnan

Maria is from Boyle, Co. Roscommon and is the artistic director of the company. She writes, acts and directs with Fregoli and was awarded Best Actress at the Irish Student Drama Award (ISDA) 2007 for her portrayal of Runt in Disco Pigs. She was awarded Best Director for At a Loss at the Jerome Hynes one acts 09. Maria was also nominated for Best Director at ISDAs 2011. She was nominated for the Cuirt New Writing Prize for Fiction in 2013. Maria has a BA in Psychology (NUIG) and an MA in Drama and Theatre Studies (UCD). Maria is also a former auditor of NUI Galway Drama Society. Past directing credits with Fregoli include Bedbound (2007), Breathing Water (2011), Dorset Street Toys (2013). Writing Credits with Fregoli include The Sweet Shop (2012), Home (2012), Let Me Be (2013), Shur I’ll Be Alright Here on Me Own (2014), and Mary Mary Mary (2015).



Rob McFeely

Rob is from Donegal. He has a PhD in Engineering from NUI Galway and works as a software engineer. Rob is the technical manager of the company. Rob is a former auditor of NUI Galway Drama Society and was awarded Best Director at the Irish Student Drama Awards 2007 for his direction of Disco Pigs. He was also awarded best director at the Muscailt, Jerome Hynes Memorial One Act festival (2008) for Making Babies. Previous directing credits include: Red Roses and Petrol (2006), Dark Pony (2007), Bedbound (2009, 2007), Making Babies (2008), Tape (2008), Roger Dodger (2008), Disco Pigs (2010) The Idiot Box (2010) The Secret Life of me (2011), The Sweet Shop (2012, Home (2012), Dorset Street Toys (2013) and Shur I’ll Be Alright Here on Me Own (2014).



Kate Murray

Kate is from Dublin and is the assistant artistic director of the company. She has a first class honours in an MA in Drama at NUIG and was an active member of NUIG’s dramsoc involved in event organisation, directing and acting. Previous credits include Danti dan, The Lonesome West, The Morning after Optimism with NUIG dramsoc, At the Black Pigs Dyke (2010) with Mayfly Theatre Co. Doubt (2012) and The Pillowman (2015) with Decadent Theatre Co, Frank Pig says Hello with Galway Arts Festival (2012). Breathing Water (2011), The Sweet Shop (2012), Home (2012), Let Me Be (2013), Dorset Street Toys (2013) and Shur I’ll Be Alright Here on Me Own (2014) with Fregoli.



Tracy Bruen

Tracy is from Dunmore, Co. Galway and both acts and directs with the company. She is also a former member of NUIG’s dramsoc. Tracy has recently won several Best Actress awards for the award winning Galway Girl with DADS as part of the Irish One Act Drama festival. She is also a singer song writer and musician. Past acting credits include: The Laramie Project, Doggs Hamlet Cahoots Macbeth and Elegy for a Lady with Dramsoc in NUIG; Up the Yard Catastrophe Theatre (2003); Borrowed Robes and Conversations on a Homecoming with DADS; Fregoli credits include The Maids (2008), Fantastic Mr Fox (2008), Producing Playmates (2009), The Gingerbread House (2010), The Secret Life of Me (2011), A Life of Words (2011), Let Me be (2013) and Mary Mary Mary (2015)



Jarlath Tivnan

Jarlath Tivnan is from Boyle, Co. Roscommon and has a BA from NUIG. Jarlath was heavily involved with NUIG dramsoc having acted in ten productions including Danti dan, The Morning after Optimism, The Lonesome West and Delirium. He was nominated for Best Actor at ISDA 2008 for Danti dan. Previous Credits include: Frank Pig says Hello, GAF (2012), Shay Mouse, GAF (2013), The Skull of Connemara (2013, 2014) and The Pillowman (2015) with Decadent. Midsummer GAF (2014) Breathing Water (2011), Blocked (2011) The Sweet Shop (2012), Home (2013) and Shur Ill Be Alright Here on Me Own (2014) with Fregoli.



Rebecca Ryan

Rebecca Ryan.

Rebecca is from Clare and is a founding member of Fregoli. She received her diploma in speech and drama from Trinity-Guildhall London in 2004 and has been heavily involved in all aspects of theatre for several years now. Past Credits include: I Can't Remember Anything, which she directed and won Best debut direction at the ISDA festival 2006. Credits with Fregoli include: Bedbound (2007, 2009), Roger Dodger (2008), The Idiot Box (2010) ,Mosaic of Dreams (2009, 2011), The Secret Life of me (2010), Director of The Maids (2008), The Gingerbread House(2010), Costume and set design Dorset Street Toys (2013). Rebecca is currently working as a reseacher in bio chemistry in Paris.



Shane Mc Dermott

Shane is a Galway native, he is a founding member of Fregoli. Shane has a M.A in drama from NUIG and was a prolific member of NUIG’s drama society, co-writing two award winning plays, acting and hosting a weekly improve night. He received a Best Actor Award at the Jerome Hynes One Acts 09. He both acted and wrote for Fregoli, and is currently teaching English in Spain, where is heavily involved with Triskel Theatre and the Madrid Players. Credits with Fregoli include Bedbound (2007, 2009), Roger Dodger (2008), Tape (2008), At a Loss (2009) Producing Playmates (2008, 2009) The Idiot Box (2010), Disco Pigs (2010) and The Gingerbread House (2010).



Oisin Robbins

Oisin is from Clara, Co. Offaly and is a third year student at NUIG, he has been involved in several productions with NUIG dramsoc including the Lonesome West and The Hero Returns. Previous Credits include Happening at the Dublin Fringe Festival with Waterdonkey Theatre Co and ' The Beauty Queen of Leenane' with Broken Door Theatre Group. Fregoli credits include: Blocked (2011)



Aron Hegarty

Aron is from Cork and is pursuing an M.A in drama at NUIG, he is a former vice auditor of NUIG’s dramsoc and has been involved in several dramsoc productions including The last days of Judas Iscariot and Danti Dan. He was nominated for best supporting actor at ISDA for Danti Dan (2008) and Breathing Water (2010). Credits with Fregoli include The Idiot Box (2010), Blocked (2011), Breathing Water (2011).