Fruition Tape Tape

Fregoli presents Fruition: A New Plays Project

24th Apr 20:30 @ Nuns Island

Last October Fregoli Theatre released an open call for short original plays, five pieces from four new writers were selected. These works were selected for brilliantly conceived characters, imaginative use of language, and the potential to create a world that an audience can become immediately immersed in. We are very excited to debut the following five pieces for performance      

Find me in Spring by Rory O Sullivan

Billy Duffy, a 10 year old aspiring hunter with an overactive imagination, sees his father throw the body of a rotten deer off a cliff. Or so he was told it was a deer. What repercussions can a child's misunderstanding bring?      

Afterimage by Jonathon Ryan

A window, a sink, a bookshelf, three items taken for granted, three items that dictate three characters. Afterimage is a short exploration of the small victories, the big losses and the surreality in between.      

Wristbands by Orla McGovern

Smuggling cans, messers and banter at the gate - all part of a normal day for Jimmy and Jono, two bouncers. But for Jono, today is different.  Today is when there is no way to keep a lid on it.      

Tick Tock by Orla McGovern

A mother and daughter with a strained relationship. A realisation of time.  A last chance to speak in between the moments.      

The Streets are Ours by Robert Higgins

Two ageing boy racers gather in the car park of a local Tesco on the evening their old friend is due to return from abroad.      

The performance of the five pieces collectively is approx 70 mins in duration, and suitable for those aged 14 years plus


 Mar, 2017

Coming Soon...

You could be us

by Jarlath Tivnan

11th - 13th Sept

Following the success of Pleasure Ground (Irish Times ****), Jarlath and Fregoli return with a new original play. Keep posted for more info coming soon...


 Oct, 2016