The Streets Are Ours The Streets Are Ours The Streets Are Ours

The Streets Are Ours 2018 Tour

At Longford, Dublin and Galway

Longford | Backstage | Wed 3rd Oct

Galway | Mick Lally | 10, 11 Oct

Dublin | Smock Alley | 17, 18 Oct

by Robert Higgins

‘In the city you choose your friends, here you take the hand you’re dealt’

The Streets are Ours’ chronicles the night time activities of a group of aimless 20-somethings still living in a small town in the midlands and their reunion with an old friend. Meeting in an empty parking lot, the gang reconnect, reminisce and attempt to heal old wounds, but as the night goes on, things left unsaid for too long begin to resurface.

Suitable for 14 years plus due to some strong language


 Aug, 2018

Happy Birthday

Fregoli are 10 years old

Fregoli would like to thank everyone who supported us and everyone who came to the shows over the last 10 years.

Looking forward to another 10.


 June, 2017